Yamaha YBR125

Easy to ride, cheap to run and for its size a very well appointed motorcycle, the Yamaha YBR125 has since it’s launch in 2005 been a stalwart of the learner legal 125cc bike market. Sporting an air cooled single cylinder 125cc 4-stroke engine with 5 gears and a convenient electric starter, a good used YBR125 can make an excellent buy for a new rider, or for a commuter needing a cheap and cheerful daily ride offering reliability, comfort and a reasonable amount of performance to make getting through town much more of a pleasure.

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The YBR125 has enough power to make commuting a breeze, and although it will do more, it is at around 55-60mph that the little 125 single is most at ease. Handling is acceptable, though it has no pretence toward sportiness, and the braking is more than adequate for the size and weight with a disc up front.

Though a budget learner legal machine, The Yamaha YBR125 has a deserved reputation for reliability. Build quality is acceptable though care should be taken to check over any potential purchase carefully. With a fair amount of brightwork, surface rust is not uncommon on higher mileage examples, but in general most YBR125’s should make a good used buy.