Austria’s first production motorcycle manufacturer, Puch marketed their first machines in 1903 many of which were destined for military use. By the 1950’s Puch were heavily involved in motor scooter manufacture with models such as the MS50 as well as larger engine motorcycles including the Puch 125 and 175SV.

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With a reputation for advanced design and quality construction, the popularity of Puch motorcycles and scooters, grew and many models were exported throughout the world. Particularly popular was the Puch Maxi moped which featured a 50cc two stroke engine, plus the obligatory bicycle pedals which acted as a starter as well as an alternative form of propulsion should 2bhp not prove adequate! – Famed for their frugal use of fuel and legendary reliability, good used Puch Maxi mopeds are now becoming sought after by enthusiasts. Sports moped fans were not left out, the 1972 Puch VS50 was a good looking bike that performed well, but the later Puch Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special (in JPS Lotus black and gold colour scheme!) went even better and now fetch premium prices from sports moped collectors.