125cc Motorcycles

Practical, reliable and offering fantastic fuel economy modern 125cc motorbikes are also loads of fun to ride and for many commuters are a viable alternative to a car or public transport. Once the domain of noisy and often unreliable 2-strokes, most 125cc commuter bikes for sale these days feature environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines with electric starters and rider comforts that previously featured only on much larger machines. Suitable for learner riders (with ‘L’ plates fitted of course), many more experienced bikers keep a 125 handy for travelling to and from work or as a winter ‘hack’ or back up to a bigger machine.

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For potential buyers of used 125 motorbikes there is plenty of choice. The learner rider’s favourite Honda CB125 (and later the CG125) are still very popular whilst Honda now offer the CBF125 and CB125F models. If you fancy a dual purpose ‘adventure’ style bike you might want to consider the Honda XL125 or the very plush (for a 125) Varadero XL125V. The fantastic little Honda MSX125 Grom has become something of an icon on the streets of Europe’s major cities and offers excellent performance for a machine which is almost ‘monkey bike’ size. Yamaha offer the YBR125 which has a great reputation for reliability and practicality, whilst Suzuki fans will love the distinctive and diminutive Van Van 125. Smaller manufacturers such as Pulse, Kymco and Hyosung also offer 125 commuter bikes which are becoming more popular.

Buying a used 125 Commuter Bike

Though many will have been owned by learner riders, most used 125cc motorcycles are powered by simple and strong 4-stroke single cylinder engines which are relatively uncomplicated and easy to maintain. Watch out though for accident damage and signs of poor (or no!) maintenance. Though an older bike is unlikely to have a dealer service history, check the bike thoroughly before parting with any cash and factor in the cost of any essential work that might be needed.