Honda CBR600F

Quite possibly the most popular supersports bike ever offered, the Honda CBR600F was launched way back in 1987 with a 4-cylinder 4-stroke engine in a lightweight steel frame with monoshock rear suspension. Great handling with plenty of useable power, the CBR600F quickly found favour with road riders and racers alike.

1998 saw major updates including the introduction of an aluminium beam style frame which reduced weight and improved what was already a very sharp handling and capable mid-size sports machine. The Millennium saw the FS (F-Sport) model introduced which featured fuel injection and the CBR600F continued in production until 2007, remaining a great seller despite the launch of the even sharper CBR600RR in 2003.

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Buying a used CBR600F

You are likely to be spoilt for choice when looking to buy a used CBR600F such was and is the popularity of this bike. With the usual well deserved Honda reputation for build quality and high quality finish, even an older CBR600F can make a great buy. Late registered bikes are still very popular with main dealers, particularly if they are low mileage originals, but don’t be put off by a higher mileage machine if it has a good service history. Loads of fun to ride, the CBR600F isn’t just a great sports machine, it also makes a very capable all-rounder too!