Aprilia RS250

Probably the closest thing to a 250cc GP bike for the road, the Aprilia RS250 was inspired by Max Biaggi’s 1994 250cc World Championship win. Fitted with a Suzuki RG250 derived 90 degree V-twin 2-stroke motor in a cast aluminium twin spar frame and complete with twin front Brembo discs on 5 spoke 17 inch rims, the light weight of the RS 250 offers razor sharp handling and enough power to bring a wide grin to any riders face. It’s small and revvy, so superbike riders might think twice about the Aprilia RS250, but are soon won over by it’s ‘rideability’ as a well sorted RS250 is a match for most anything through the twisties.

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Buying a used Aprilia RS250

You can buy a cheap used Aprilia RS250 for relatively little, or spend some extra cash on a mint, low mileage example (there are still some about if you search hard enough!). If you want a track day tool there are plenty of retired club racing Aprilia RS250 available and you even might find a bargain bike complete with with spares.