Classic Motorcycles

Whether you’re looking for a fifties 4-stroke, a Japanese 2-stroke screamer, or a 50cc moped to relive your youth, owning and riding a classic bike has never been more popular. But ask 10 different bikes for their definition of a classic motorcycle and you are guaranteed 10 different answers. Traditionally ‘Classic’ bikes were considered to be over 25 years old and had features which made them unique. Nowadays however the criteria is far less defined and it is not uncommon to see bikes described as modern classics for sale alongside much older machines.

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Collecting classic bikes is a popular hobby with enthusiasts throughout the world. As well as established names from the British, European and American motorcycle industries, interest in classic Japanese bikes is now huge, reflecting the undoubted influence Japanese bikes have had in the past 40 years. The passion for classic bikes in the UK is reflected in the flourishing show circuit, the major Stafford Classic Bike Show growing in size year upon year.

Buying a Classic Motorcycle

As values increase it has become ever more important to buy the best bike you can afford (unless of course you are looking for a restoration project!), and generally low mileage original bikes remain most desirable. Carefully and correctly restored bikes follow closely behind but as always it is important to research thoroughly and if in any doubt get a second opinion before parting with any cash. Finding a suitable bike to buy is no longer as difficult as it once was, with the growth of online and organised classic motorcycle auctions, and even the largest and longest established UK auction companies now holding regular classic bike sales.