Royal Enfield

The longest established name in motorcycle manufacture still in production is the proud boast of Royal Enfield. Though the last British made machines left the factory in 1970, Enfield production is now based entirely in India where the Enfield Bullet remains a highly popular machine. The Enfield India concern was established in 1955 to produce 350cc Royal Enfield Bullets under licence and has continued since with 350 and 500cc Bullet models being exported throughout the world.

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Essentially the same design as the original machines, the Enfield company has invested in some development with the introduction of fuel injection and electric starters on some models. If you are looking for a used Enfield make sure you check it out carefully first and if possible ride it too. They offer nostalgia in spades but with that comes the knowledge that you really are riding what is a very old design and not something that compares with more modern machines.