Famous for building very high quality motorcycles using engines from other manufacturers, Bimota originally produced racing motorcycle frames, often housing Yamaha TZ 2-stroke engines. The first Bimota road bike, the Suzuki engined SB2 appeared in 1977 and was followed by Yamaha and BMW powered models. In recent years, Bimota have favoured the magnificent Ducati V-Twin engine to provide the power and the latest DB6, DB7, DB9 and 10 models are not only beautifully designed motorcycles, they are true superbikes too.


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Always innovative, the Bimota Tesi was the world’s first production motorcycle with hub centre steering and is back in production today. Other projects have been less successful, notably the V-Due 500, a GP styled 2-stroke twin which despite incredible looks failed to perform and was beset with reliability issues (though is now a very collectible bike indeed!). Buy a good used Bimota and you will have an exquisitely styled machine that performs as well as it looks and which is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you take it.