British Bikes

By the end of the 1960’s the British motorcycle industry was in trouble. Competition from overseas, particularly from the Japanese, coupled with dated designs and quality control issues saw many manufacturers struggling for survival. In recent years however, there has been a resurgence in British motorcycle manufacturing, particularly in light of Triumphs success in re-launching this famous brand throughout the world.


Even throughout the darkest days of the British motorcycle industry there has always been a huge interest in the famous names of the past from enthusiasts and collectors alike, and not only the biggest names of BSA, Triumph and Norton. Smaller British bike manufacturers such as AJS, Rudge and Scott produced some wonderful machines which are now highly sought after, yet still fairly easy to find and can be relatively affordable.

Perennial classic British bike favourites include the Triumph Bonneville and Trident, any Royal Enfield and even BSA’s ubiquitous Bantam series, all of which are guaranteed to create interest wherever they are parked up. If you want 60’s retro style, consider buying a Triton café racer, or if your taste (and budget!) is for the finer things in life, a sporty Manx Norton, BSA Gold Star or Vincent Shadow should fit the bill perfectly!