Honda CBR600RR

Introduced in 2003, Honda’s CBR600RR was offered alongside the long running CBR600F but was an altogether more track focused machine. Featuring a wonderfully responsive inline 4-cylinder 600cc engine in a sharp handling chassis, the new CBR600RR quickly made its mark both on the race track and in the showroom. Not the lightest nor the most powerful, the early 600RR was nonetheless a very capable all-round package and a contender for the leader of the very competitive supersports class.

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The second generation CBR600RR arrived in the dealers in 2007, and featured a power increase to 118bhp, offering better midrange power to the rev happy motor, plus slightly less weight and slightly modified geometry to improve the already excellent handling. Two years later the 2009 model featured optional ABS (though most UK bikes had it) and slight improvements to engine and exhaust to further improve midrange power delivery.

As with most Hondas, CBR600RR build quality has always been good and the bike has a great reputation for reliability despite it’s high performance tag. If you are thinking of buying a used Honda CBR600RR, check it over carefully paying particular attention to any accident damage. The RR is a popular track day tool and many will have been raced, so keep an eye out for evidence of lock wired components and unusual wear.