Monkey Bikes

Monkey bikes are great fun to own and ride, but whether you would want to use one on a day to day basis is debatable! – So called because riders supposedly looked like monkeys when riding them, the monkey bike craze stated in the early 1960’s with Honda’s now legendary Z100, a bike which was used at Honda’s own amusement park and which featured a Super Cub engine in a tiny frame and sporting 5” diameter wheels. Sensing the popularity of these first bikes, Honda exported a road legal version (the CZ100) in small numbers, but by 1967 the Z50M which had fold down handlebars and an easily lowered seat became available from Honda dealers. Originals such as these now command very high prices but various other manufacturers have produced monkeys and latterly Chinese replica minibikes have become easily available. Loads of fun and (relatively) cheap to own, a monkey is still a great head turner.

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