Motocross Bikes For Sale

With many of the major manufacturers offering dedicated MX machines, the secondhand motocross bike market is always busy with plenty of choice for a potential buyer. In the early days most motocross bikes bore little similarity to those of the top riders, but as the sport has grown so has the sophistication of the machines available to the club rider and weekend racer.

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In fact, most modern production motocross bikes are closely related to those campaigned by factory supported teams in international events. Dominated for many years by 2-stroke powered bikes, 4-stroke machines are now most popular with competitive machinery available in most classes from the Japanese ‘Big 4’ manufacturers, alongside equally competitive offerings from European manufacturers such as KTM and Husqvarna.

If you are thinking of buying a used motocrosser it’s well worth taking the time to check out potential purchases before you part with any cash. By definition, off road machines will have hard a hard life and careful maintenance is important to make sure that the bike is kept in good condition. If you are unsure of your mechanical abilities take along a knowledgeable friend to check over the bike with you. Modern 4-stroke engines are relatively reliable if they have been well maintained, but can be expensive to repair if worn or damaged. Careful inspection of frame, suspension, brakes and wheels is vitally important, though items such as scruffy plastics (mudguards etc.) are relatively inexpensive to replace.