Aprilia RS125

The Aprilia RS 125 is superbly agile and can be a surprisingly quick motorcycle in full power form (remember-you need to have passed your test to derestrict your RS125!). Launched in 1993, the RS 125 has a single cylinder 2-stroke motor produced by Rotax. Reliability is generally good, but engine life will be enhanced by the use of high quality 2 stroke oil and regular servicing. Renowned for fine handling, it is on a twisty road that this bike really comes into its own, its light weight making up for a lack of power compared to bigger engined rivals.

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Buying a used Aprilia RS 125

Several factory race replica Aprillia RS125’s have been produced. Valentino Rossi and Tetsuya Harada replicas were early offerings and a later Marco Melandri replica proved popular. Look out also for bikes for sale in Fortuna or Chesterfield replica colours. Whether you are looking for a cheap Aprilia RS125 or one which has been cherished from new, you will get a whole load of fun for your money.